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Seminars and groups in a peaceful seaside location

Why Lanzarote?

The Canary Island with plutonic energy!

Around 36 million years ago, a submarine volcano erupted in the Atlantic Ocean. It is from this base that the island of Lanzarote was formed – although a further four phases of eruption were actually required to form the easternmost Canary Island’s present-day profile. The most recent volcanic eruptions occurred between the years 1730 and 1736 and in 1824.

Lanzarote – The volcanic island of transformation

Although the volcano is today dormant, its energy is still very much discernible. It is the plutonic energy of transformation. Those who participate in intensive learning and group activities on Lanzarote will leave the island a “new” person.

The trip to Lanzarote is also a journey into oneself

Lanzarote is characterised by bizarre lava landscape, from the deep blue sea to the reddish-brown earth. On most days, the trade winds drive little fluffy clouds across the sky, ensuring an alternating play of light and shade. This unique scenery features incomparable natural wonders.

Lanzarote conjures up deep emotions and opens up the soul for a journey into oneself. Hardly any other island or region in the world offers such ideal conditions for learning and transformation activities.

All-inclusive “side programme” on Lanzarote

Those organising seminars on Lanzarote need not worry about their event’s side programme, for the island offers so much on a relatively small area: unique natural wonders invite visitors to undertake relaxing trips and in the evenings, participants can indulge in some cultural or culinary delights.

Advantages of the Namaste Seminar Centre

The most beautiful sights, natural wonders and scenery lie practically on the doorstep. Those wishing to cool off in the Atlantic’s refreshing waters during one of the breaks will find fantastic bathing options in the immediate vicinity. What’s more, inviting traditional fish restaurants and tapas bars await in Mala and the neighbouring town of Arrieta.

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