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Seminars and groups in a peaceful seaside location


The Great Pyramid of Giza’s little sister

An extremely powerful place can be found on Finca Margaretha on the Lotus del Mar estate: the Pyramid. Built in 1998, it is situated just 5 minute walk from the Namaste Seminar Centre. Both the proportions and alignment of the Pyramid correspond with those of the Egyptian original in Giza.

A place of retreat, tranquillity and meditation

Those wishing to distance themselves from external influences will find the Pyramid to be the perfect space for this. And those seeking to look into themselves will find energy here. Seminar participants can re-energise in this space and allow all that they have learned to sink in in complete calm; alternatively, they can simply come here to meditate.

Ideal for intensive group activities

The pyramid has space for groups of up to 20 participants. It is a space brimming with energy; primarily a sacred room. Intensive group activities are undertaken here and can be developed as desired.